Audley Library

Since January 2016 over 30 volunteers have come forward from the Audley area interested in supporting their local library. The volunteer’s backgrounds are as varied as the communities that libraries sit in. Proving that volunteering with Staffordshire Libraries is truly is for everyone.

Volunteers have been training with members of Newcastle Library staff within Audley library in order to gain an insight into the day to day operation of a library.

7 of the volunteers have formed a committee with a view to take on the day to day management of their local library, and are looking to develop a fabulous resource for the village and Audley Volunteerssurrounding area.

The volunteers and committee have ‘gone live’ as a Community Managed Library on 13th February 2017.

This is a picture of some of volunteers at Audley Library.

There is a really strong community involvement in Audley Library and this will enable more opportunities and ideas to take place.

Watch this space…