War is Coming to Clayton Library!

A new volunteer supported Wargaming group will be starting soon in Clayton library on Monday evenings from 6pm. This will be a new initiative aimed at anyone who is over the age of 16. It will complement the existing group who meet on a Saturday at the library. This will give an opportunity for anyone interested in Fantasy, Science Fiction or Historical table top Wargaming an opportunity to meet in the library when it is closed.

The group is open to anyone, whether they are experienced gamers or new to the hobby and will involve various different games, including Warhammer, Malifaux, and Flames of War.Wargamming

This group will complement the current Wargaming group that meets at Uttoxeter Library on a Tuesday evening from 6pm.

So What?

The Wargaming groups allow adults and young people the opportunity to make new friends in a safe environment and further increase usage of both Uttoxetter and Clayton libraries.

Anyone who is interested to come along or want more information can contact matthew.howard@staffordshire.gov.uk or by phone on 07866 921873