Werrington Community Shop Boosts Library Funds

One way Werrington Community Library has been able to raise funds is through the Community Shop. Local people and businesses kindly donate items for sale and space has been devoted in one corner of the library to proudly display their wares. Volunteers regularly review items and refresh the stock.

One of the many famous name items donated was a Beswick Horse which an eagle-eyed volunteer noticed could be of value and checked it out on the internet with the result that they contacted Antiques Roadshow star Charles Hanson who readily agreed to help, and waive his fees to benefit the group. The horse raised £90 at auction.

Charles is now working on putting up for sale Beswick Huntsmen, a pack of hounds and fox at his own auction house, ‘Hansons’.

The photograph shows volunteers Betty Johnson, Jean Fryer and Jean Shaw handing over the Beswick Horse to Charles Hanson.

So What?

Donations and purchases have made a significant contribution to the library which enables other community activities in the library to take place at a subsidised cost.