Super Summer Reading Game Events at Werrington!

Two volunteers, Carolyn and Nicky at Werrington Community Library have been instrumental in organising this year’s Summer Reading Game Activities. They can be seen in the picture on the left. Children in Werrington could take part in 2 craft events either Paint a Door Hanger on 15th August or Paint a Cress pot on 22nd August. As Animal Agents was this year’s theme the library invited Animal Magic people to bring along their creatures, great and small! The children loved seeing the animals, here is a comment from a member of the public, “The children enjoyed the selection of animals and being able to hold and stroke them. It was value for money. They also enjoyed the craft session after. Well done and thank you to all the volunteers who organised it.”

So What?

The Library Service has gained lots of visits and families appreciated a local, low cost event and the chance to experience something new. For me, it is great to see two volunteers develop and take on extra responsibilities, they came up with the ideas, events and filled up the places on offer. As our own staff know, sorting out risk assessments is no mean feat but with the added unpredictability of animals it was more of a challenge!