The Blythe Centre talks to BBC Radio Stoke

Helen Bickerton, Community Managed Library Volunteer and Library Manager, was able to highlight the fantastic range of activities and events at Blythe Bridge Library when she talked to Radio Stoke on Saturday morning, on 9th September. Helen manages one of the first Community Libraries to be run by volunteers in Staffordshire. Blythe has a coffee machine, chess and coding clubs and cultural evenings once a month which have ranged from wine tasting to a theatre production of “the Quilter and the Ghost.“

From Helen’s experience, volunteers have brought a huge range of skills and expertise to the counter at Blythe. Volunteers have benefited too, they feel more they have more purpose in life and have enjoyed learning how the library works and how to operate the library system.

So What?

Blythe has gained from the valuable publicity and exposure talking on the radio brings. It has raised its profile and will encourage more people to start volunteering and visiting the library.