Blythe Community Managed Newsletter Launch

Blythe Community Managed Library has just released its first Newsletter! It features the events at Christmas and inside is a schedule of the group’s activities and events, including the Natwest Bank Fraud & Scam Awareness event, the Christmas Fayre and the ever popular Wine-tasting, Winter Warmer. Take a Look!

So What?

The Newsletter is in a small handy format for people to pick and take but is up to the minute with the whole range of things that happen at the Library. It’s great publicity and has, on the back, invited writers to send in their poems and reviews of books.

Cheadle Volunteer Turns Detective

Local History Volunteer, Sue Barrett, has launched an appeal in the local paper, The Cheadle and Tean Times & Echo. A shoebox full of old photographs, about to be thrown into a skip, were saved by Sue after they were discovered in the back of a shop during a clear out. Sue has placed them in a folder at Cheadle Library and invited local people to call in and see if they recognise any faces. “We think the photos have come from a Cheadle photographer, Mr Lowndes”, says Sue, “I’d like to be able to do a display about them in the library and show how much we can find out from on old photograph”.

We have an archive of local history which a lot of people do not know about, church histories, village street maps and parish registers. Once people are identified, Sue is planning to start looking into their family trees to discover of what importance they might be Cheadle.

Photo courtesy of the Cheadle and Tean Times & Echo.

So What?

Local press coverage is invaluable in promoting the Library. The Volunteer, Sue has generated a lot of interest and visitors to the Library and has already received some heart-warming news from 70 year old Mary Nutt, more about that though, in the new issue!

News From Werrington Community Managed Library

Another library featured in the Cheadle Newspaper was the Werrington Community Managed Library. The volunteers have worked incredibly hard over the last 19 months and have introduced a huge range of events and activities. You can see from the photograph how pleased the group are be involved in the library!


So What?

As the Community Support Officer for the Staffordshire Moorlands I have enjoyed meeting the different people at Werrington, who are happy to give up their time to volunteer at the library. It is very rewarding for me to see how well the Community Managed Libraries are doing and to know that I have played an important part in their journey. They clearly love what they are doing and it is fantastic that they have some recognition for all their efforts in a local Newspaper.

Awesome Annual at Brewood Community Managed Library

To showcase a great year, the volunteer coordinator has produced a commemorative annual highlighting activities and events that have taken place at Brewood Community Managed Library. 2017 saw some great displays, a refurbished children’s area, a wide range of holiday activities, fundraising events, participation in local initiatives, including the Best Kept Village competition and Small Business Saturday and the introduction of very well received Mindfulness sessions.

So What?

Part of my role is to gather photos and case studies so it was really nice to see some of the pictures from my blogs appear in the annual.

It’s certainly a lovely way to record their achievements and a wonderful keepsake for the volunteers for years to come.

The book, along with the 2016 edition, is available on the main counter at Brewood Community Managed Library for all to see.

Birthday Bash for Kinver Community Library

It’s ‘Happy Birthday’ to Kinver Community Managed Library for their First Year as a Community Managed Library. An Open House on 6th January with refreshments, a birthday cake, displays and a lucky dip for children saw huge 115 visitors popping along on a cold and miserable Saturday morning to support and celebrate with volunteers and the committee.

So What?

This last year has seen many new initiatives delivered by volunteers at Kinver Community Library including craft events for adults and children, fabulous holiday activities, the introduction of a coffee machine and newspapers, the re-introduction of Baby Bounce and Rhyme, new IT sessions, the development of the exhibition space and a fantastic online presence promoting through Facebook ( and Twitter (@KinverLibrary).

According to the latest statistics available, visits to the library have increased by 30% and new members are on the up too.

Here’s to the next year!

Celebration Event

As a way of thanking our volunteers, we offer a small amount of funding to spend on treats to show how much we appreciate their continued support and commitment.

So What?

The volunteers Brewood Community Managed Library managed by South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (SSSFT) decided to hold their event in the quieter period just after Christmas so the group got together and enjoyed an evening of food, catching up with each other and celebrating their valued contribution to a successful 18 months.

The Role of the Libraries and Arts Service Community Support Officer

The Community Support Officer (CSO) for South East Staffordshire Ian Burley has been busy promoting our Community Managed Libraries and helping to recruit, train and support volunteers in the Cannock area. Our 6 CSOs all support each other across the county and we all realise that we are all part of a bigger team.

So What?

The role of volunteers is tremendously important in ensuring that our Community Managed Libraries operate effectively and so it is vital that we offer a strong platform of support. The Library Community Support Officers are on hand to make sure that this happens.

Thank You to Barton Community Managed Library Volunteers

On Tuesday December 19th 2017 Barton Community Managed Library held a Thank You Celebration event for all the volunteers who give their time to run the library throughout the year. It was a wonderful occasion and gave staff from both Staffordshire Library Service and South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (SSSFT) the chance to say a big thank you to all the volunteers for all the marvellous work that they do.

So What?

Our volunteers do a wonderful job for us in ensuring that Staffordshire Libraries continue to deliver an excellent service for all our local communities. It is vital that we say thank you to everyone that plays a part, and this is just one small way of doing this. This also shows an example of successful partnership working between Staffordshire County Council and South Staffordshire and Shropshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Talk at Tamworth Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE)

Library Community Support Officer Ian Burley gave a speech at the Tamworth Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Forum at St Johns Church, Tamworth, on Thursday December 7th 2017, promoting the role that the volunteers are doing at Glascote Community Managed Library and the volunteering opportunities in all our libraries. 15 people attended the forum, representing a host of local groups and organisations including The National Careers Service, Support Staffordshire, Tamworth Scouts, The Dyslexia Information Group in Tamworth, and Shoebox Theatre, a local drama group. Many of those present were not aware of the fantastic work that is going on in our libraries.

So What?

Not only was this a wonderful opportunity to showcase our Community Managed Libraries and Staffordshire Libraries in general, it was also a chance to get our message out to completely new audiences.

Catherine Care and Great Wyrley Community Managed Library

Catherine Care is the partner organisation working with Staffordshire County Council to deliver Great Wyrley Community Managed Library.

As a “Thank you” to the volunteers they invited them to lunch at Catherine Care’s Jerome Road premises tea room and provided transport to get them to and from.

Following lunch the volunteers were entertained by some of the clients from Catherine Care day services who proudly put on a performance.. This was a lovely afternoon and a much appreciated “Thank you”

So What?

This was a great opportunity for Catherine Care and the library volunteers to Network and get to know each other by finding out more about the activities that both partners deliver. It shows appreciation for the volunteers and strengthens the working relationship.