Relax in Norton Canes Zen Garden

Following essential drain repair work the front garden area outside Norton Canes Community Managed Library where the ground had been dug up the once garden needed re-landscaping.

Never daunted the library volunteers rallied to find a solution and secured a donation from local business Ranton Building Suppliers, Norton Canes; who donated all the hard landscaping, weed membrane gravel, cobbles and black slate.

The hard work was done by volunteer Val and her husband Bern and it has been named the Zen Garden, as they felt it sounded peaceful and have since received comments of agreement from members of the public who have taken a moment to sit on the nearby bench and reflect.

So What?

The Garden provides a welcome space for people to rest a while supporting their wellbeing. This project shows how resourceful the volunteers are and demonstrates the strength of a community working together to get results.