Werrington Sensory Garden Complete!

Werrington Community Managed Library were fortunate to be successful when applying to ASDA for their Community Help Scheme. I was tasked with the job of co-ordinating the various agencies involved which included, our Property Team, The Youth Offending Institute and Kinetics, who took responsibility for managing it. ASDA’s remit is very much in the style of Changing Rooms and Groundforce all rolled into one. The project is completed in one day, so all the preparation and planning needs to be completed in readiness, with nothing left to chance. The ASDA Team are drawn in from all over and were supported by the Young Offenders Institute volunteers. Time was allocated to refresh the Work Room Office with a lick of paint too. Another room to be cleared! As you can see from the Photograph, the group have sited two beautifully crafted wooden benches and have now planted up the area, complete with a very apt statue, pride of place in the centre.

So What?

Being involved in the planning of this special project has taught me many new skills and is a really good example of what a Community Managed Library can achieve in a short space of time. The meetings and planning beforehand ensured that things ran smoothly on the day everyone descended and the volunteers from the Werrington Community Volunteers Group were really appreciative of the support from all the agencies. We couldn’t have done it without them!