Community Clubs

Glascote Community Managed Library (CML) has had great success in introducing a range of new clubs and groups in recent times. Over the past 4 years the volunteers have been able to launch a Job Club, a Twin’s Group, various craft groups and several others. The latest addition is the library’s new Scrabble Group. This is a really novel idea, as scrabble is such a popular past-time, enjoyed by people of all ages. 10 people attended the first meeting of the Club, which bodes really well for the future! The group runs on the first Friday of each month, 2-4pm.

So What?

It is really important that our CMLs are there for all the community, doing as much as possible to draw in a wide range of local people. In this way our CMLs can become true community hubs. Glascote is doing a wonderful job of achieving this.