As a team, the Community Support Officers regularly attend training so we can keep up to date with the latest knowledge available. Nothing is more important than Health and Safety training we attend. We have recently taken part in days training to understand how to train volunteers in the use of Evacuation Chairs.

Evacuation Chairs are in all our libraries that have more than one floor. In the case of an emergency evacuation of one of our buildings, the evac chairs allow those with mobility issues to be safely evacuated down the stairs. As two of our Community Managed Libraries now have more than one floor, this is something that we need to consider.

During the training we shown how to deploy the chair, assist someone into the chair and to safely take them down a flight of stairs. We were also trained in the best way to train others in the use of the chairs.

So What?

It is important that as staff responsible for supporting and training volunteers that we keep up to date with the most recent training available, particularly when it comes to H&S to ensure the CML Network are supported.