MJ Blog 3 Everyone Health Checks at Blythe

The Blythe Centre have been working with Everyone Health to offer free health checks in the library. Everyone Health are an organisation that work in partnership with Staffordshire County Council to delivery health advice into local communities. On 28th January 8 members of the public were given the full MOT which is a blood pressure check, BMI, finger prick test to check blood sugars and cholesterol level. Another 5 had a mini-health check which is everything but the blood test. The Website shows the list of venues currently advertising – it would be great to see more libraries offering this free service.

So What?

These checks have been traditionally done in GP Surgeries in the past but funding is available to offer them in the community now. This means it frees up GPs to treat the more serious cases and can be more convenient for the public. It’s a great way to encourage new people to visit and discover what’s in store.