Spot the Difference

After hearing about something similar in a library in Iceland, Volunteers at Kinver CML decided to implement a colour coded system to arrange the picture books in the Children’s Library. Notoriously difficult to keep in order and to search for, the picture books were put into rough alphabetical order so they could then be divided between the 4 kinder boxes, which are the freestanding multi compartment boxes where we display picture books. Once this was done, large coloured spotty stickers were placed on all the books to denote where they came in the alphabet and which kinder box they needed to be kept in. A key code poster to help volunteers and library users has been created too.

So What?

Volunteers spent less than 2 hours when the library was closed spreading out and rearranging all the picture books. It shows fantastic teamwork and is of great benefit to all the volunteers. The picture books are now easy to keep in relative order and so much easier to look for when requested.

One of the volunteers who helped implement the system says

“It’s superb! It really works and saves so much time searching for books reserved for other libraries”.