Community Engagement in Knutton

Knutton Library due to transfer to the community management of Knutton St Mary’s C of E Primary Academy. Library Community Support Officers have been engaging with that community to generate further volunteer interest.

This has included distributing posters into a number of community locations, and attending local events and meetings. The most notable work undertaken was a project of door knocking over two half days. This involved knocking on over 300 doors and delivering leaflets, during which time 35 members of the community of Knutton were spoken to.

This generated 7 new volunteers for the library and significantly raised the profile of the library in the local area.

So What?

Through the community engagement of the Library Community Support Officers, volunteer numbers at Knutton Library have increased to 11 recruited volunteers in just over a month. This will greatly assist in the transfer of the library to community management

IT Buddies at Kidsgrove Library

Are you looking to learn new things on computers?

We have IT Buddies at Kidsgrove Library who will be able to help.

IT Buddies are volunteers who can give one-to-one tuition on computers in the library. Whether you are looking to learn skills for a new career, research your family tree or want to use a computer for the first time. Volunteer IT Buddies can help you learn.

So What?

This is a fantastic opportunity for members of the community to learn new skills supported by a volunteer.

If you would like to book a session with an IT buddy contact Kidsgrove Library on 0300 111 8000 or email

If you are interest in becoming an IT Buddy please contact Matthew Howard on 07866 921873 or email

Silverdale Community Managed Library – 4 months on

Silverdale Library became a community managed library on the 3rd January 2017 under the management of Business Enterprise Support (BES). The library has gone from strength to strength!

Since their ‘go live’ date volunteer numbers have increased steadily with all volunteers enjoying their roles. The volunteers and staff at BES are showing an excellent understanding of the functions of a local library, with the leader of a group who have met in the library for many years stating that there is a ‘real buzz about the building again’.

BES are looking to develop and enhance the library in the next few months by installing a number of tablets for public use. This will supplement the existing computers in the library and provide an extra dimension to the service.

So What?

This is a significant step forward for Silverdale Library, Business Enterprise Support and the community of Silverdale, having a library that is running smoothly and looking to develop what the library can offer to the community going forward.

Talke Library – Community Space

Talke Library is a fantastic library with free Internet access and WiFi, adult and children’s books, photocopying, local information and events.  

However, like all libraries, Talke Library is not just a library!

It also offers a bright modern community space that is available for community groups and local businesses or even individuals wanting to deliver training courses or hold meetings.

The library has meeting room that can comfortably seat 12 people and a larger community room available when the library is closed that can comfortably accommodate 60 people.

The venue has an accessible toilet and baby changing facilities, a community kitchen to make refreshments and ample free parking.

Talke Library is situated adjacent to Springhead Primary School, Kingsley Road, Talke Pits, Staffordshire, ST7 1RA

If you are interested in hiring any part of the building or wish to view the library, please contact Matthew Howard on 07866 921873 or

Knutton Community Managed Library

We are looking forward to working with Knutton St. Mary’s C of E Primary Academy as they move closer to taking on the Community Managed Library. It has been fantastic to be involved with the process as they become more confident and are starting to come up with exciting ideas for the library. In order to bring this relationship to people’s attention locally we have attended a number of events at the school to talk to parents and families, including parent’s evening and the school’s Science Week community event.

We really want local people to be involved and have been door knocking in the area to increaseKnutton Library awareness of the library and build support. We talked to a number of interested people and were successful in raising the profile of the library in the community.

If you are interested in volunteering in Knutton Community Managed Library please contact Matthew Howard on 07866 921873 or

So What?

By raising the profile of both the library and volunteering in the Knutton area, we aim to encourage more community members to come forward and engage in this new community project.

Audley Community Managed Library

Audley Library transferred to community management on 13th February 2017. The volunteers and management committee are doing an excellent job developing a local resource in the village. The 28 volunteers have formed a tight group supporting each other during training and during the day to day operation of the library.

The group have already gained support from the local community, with donations received from Audley Rural Parish Council, Rotary Club, The Cobbles Antique Shop and many other library users and members of the community. The committee would like to express their thanks to all who have supported the new venture.

The group have got plans to develop the library and services offered further in the future, why not pop in and find out more.

The picture shows volunteer and committee Chairperson David Heath during his ‘shift’.

So What?

28 members of the community are supporting the delivery of the library in Audley, for the benefit of the whole community.

Next Steps in Newcastle

A very enjoyable morning was spent at Newcastle under Lyme College promoting volunteer opportunities in Staffordshire Libraries. Sharing a stand with Support Staffordshire we promoted to students the value of volunteering for the wider community. We also discussed the value of volunteering to the individual, and the importance it can have to students in building confidence, learning new skills and giving them valuable experience outside of the college environment.

Throughout the morning we spoke to 70 students and staff and handed out more than 80 leaflets.

So What?

This event raised the profile of Staffordshire Libraries and volunteering in libraries to the student population and a new audience who we may not normally come into contact with.

Volunteering in Libraries across Newcastle

Volunteers have been shadowing members of library staff in a number of libraries across Newcastle – Talke, Loggerheads and Audley.

The volunteers have been learning how to check books in and out, request books, search the catalogue, supporting groups and users and other aspects of the day to day running of the library. This has been well received by library users, who have been extremely supportive throughout the process.

While the cohort of volunteers is very diverse, they all share a common goal. All believe in the great importance libraries have in our communities.

So What?

There is a lot more to the day to day running of a library and community facility than meets the eye, but all volunteers are embracing the challenge and enhancing their skills as they are determined to provide the best possible service for their communities.

War is Coming to Clayton Library!

A new volunteer supported Wargaming group will be starting soon in Clayton library on Monday evenings from 6pm. This will be a new initiative aimed at anyone who is over the age of 16. It will complement the existing group who meet on a Saturday at the library. This will give an opportunity for anyone interested in Fantasy, Science Fiction or Historical table top Wargaming an opportunity to meet in the library when it is closed.

The group is open to anyone, whether they are experienced gamers or new to the hobby and will involve various different games, including Warhammer, Malifaux, and Flames of War.Wargamming

This group will complement the current Wargaming group that meets at Uttoxeter Library on a Tuesday evening from 6pm.

So What?

The Wargaming groups allow adults and young people the opportunity to make new friends in a safe environment and further increase usage of both Uttoxetter and Clayton libraries.

Anyone who is interested to come along or want more information can contact or by phone on 07866 921873

Audley Library

Since January 2016 over 30 volunteers have come forward from the Audley area interested in supporting their local library. The volunteer’s backgrounds are as varied as the communities that libraries sit in. Proving that volunteering with Staffordshire Libraries is truly is for everyone.

Volunteers have been training with members of Newcastle Library staff within Audley library in order to gain an insight into the day to day operation of a library.

7 of the volunteers have formed a committee with a view to take on the day to day management of their local library, and are looking to develop a fabulous resource for the village and Audley Volunteerssurrounding area.

The volunteers and committee have ‘gone live’ as a Community Managed Library on 13th February 2017.

This is a picture of some of volunteers at Audley Library.

There is a really strong community involvement in Audley Library and this will enable more opportunities and ideas to take place.

Watch this space…