Home Reader Service at Barton Library

3 of the Library Volunteers at Barton Community Library managed by South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust have been trained to deliver books to people in the local community who cannot physically access the library itself. This service already operates in larger communities such as Burton and Lichfield, but the volunteers at Barton Library are keen to offer this facility to people in the local area as well.

So What?

This will help people to continue enjoy reading for pleasure, whilst also tackling social isolation.

Official Launch of Glascote as a Community Managed Library

The official launch of Glascote Library as a Community Managed Library took place at 3pm on Thursday January 19th 2017. The volunteers who deliver the service under South Staffordshire and Shropshire NHS Foundation Trust, supported by Staffordshire County Council, were joined by staff from both organisations and many local people on the day.Glascote Library Opening

It was a wonderful event.

So What?

This event helped to raise the profile of the Community Managed Library in Glascote and celebrate the hard work of the volunteers who are supporting a valuable local resource.

Award for volunteers

South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation  Community Library in Norton Canes volunteers were proud to receive recognition of their library window display.

Norton Canes Parish Council holds an annual event open to local business and community groups for the best Christmas window display; it needed to be visible from outside and have lights.

Full of community spirit the volunteers were enthusiastic to enter and although somewhat apprehensive soon got their creative ideas flowing, including asking the library craft group to support them as they learnt the new skill of folding 3D paper trees from newspaper.

They were awarded first prize at the Parish Council meeting in January and their well-deserved trophy is now on display in the library.

The volunteers are growing in confidence and are keen that the library becomes an active community hub.Norton Canes award certificate

Photo showing the trophy and a picture of some of the volunteers receiving the award from the Parish Council

Well done!

So What?

The initiative has helped raise the profile of the newly transferred Community Managed Library. It has also given the volunteers a real feel good factor for their hard work to date.

Heath Hayes Community library

At South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Community Managed Library in Heath Hayes volunteers are busy planning for the official opening on the 17th February 2017 at 3pm, all are welcome.

In partnership with South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Staffordshire County Council welcome the occasion as an opportunity to publically say “Thank You” to the now strong team of 14 library volunteers.

Feedback from a volunteer, showing that it really can make a difference.

“I was dubious about volunteering, but had always used the library when my children were young and didn’t want it to close. I now realise how blinkered I was, I had no idea of all that the library did. Being a library volunteer has really opened my eyes, I am so pleased that I stepped forward”

So What?

The volunteers are all enthusiastic and have lots of ideas for community events that the library could host, so watch this space. If you need a community venue at very reasonable cost with a small kitchen facility why not pop along and enquire. If you wish to book a room contact the library at heathhayes.library@staffordshire.gov.uk or 01543 279675.

Hednesford Library Official Launch

Over 40 people gathered at Hednesford library on 1st February 2017 to celebrate the official launch of the Community Managed Library by South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Staffordshire County Council representatives;Cathy Blog3 Hednesford library cutting the ribbon on launch day

Local press coverage has resulted in a further 7 new volunteers.

The current team of 27 volunteers hosted the event with light refreshments and a poem. The poem highlights library volunteer Liz Williams’ experience of becoming a volunteer…

What could possibly go wrong?

We’d done all our initial training,
At Heath Hayes for a few weeks.
We’d learnt everything that needs explaining,
So we didn’t feel a load of geeks.

So now we all were ready,
And feeling brave as brave,
We let ourselves through the gate all steady,
And listened to the creak it gave.

To conquer the keysafe was our first hurdle,
‘Go for it Tracey,’ I said
I am feeling a bit of a nurdle (One of my new words)
‘Wow, you’ve done it’ As through the door she led.
(And I’ve been doing it ever since- I’m right behind her)

The pipping of the alarm,
Struck terror in my heart,
Would the number make it calm,
Or would me and the library part.
We are in – feeling very proud,
We’d overcome this dragon
At least we’re in one piece
We just need wine by the flagon
(That’s our excuse)

Computers our next challenge,
Some with winking screens,
Don’t remember where the switches are,
Oh well, someone will know what that message means.

Life continues to get harder,
The door has many choices,
It always chooses me to challenge,
Oh well, the public can use their voices.

Anyone remember their first logon,
Wasn’t it a joy,
How many times did you try that password,
How many times annoy.

The till another battle,
Which colour key does what?
Is the float ok?
Oh well that’s your lot.

The date stamp is the final puzzle
To read it upside down,
Sends you into a fuzzle (another new word)
And makes you want to leave town.

Where is the key to the loo?
Where is the book of notes?
Is the nice van man due today?
We hang on by thetail of our coats.

Being a volunteer
Is not an easy life,
But is it worth the effort
And the trouble and the strife ?

Liz Williams – library volunteer at Hednesford

And you bet they are doing it really well

Photos shows Mark Cardwell from South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Catherine Mann Staffordshire Libraries and Arts Manager with the ribbon being cut by volunteer coordinator Sue Horton.

So What?

The launch event provided an opportunity for the volunteers, South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Staffordshire County Council staff to meet and also raised the profile locally of the new Community Managed Library model in Hednesford.